General Corgi Facts & Tips

So, you’ve finally brought your new Corgi home, what’s next? A responsible pet owner will want to know everything they need to do to ensure that their dog lives a long happy and healthy life. Corgis are a unique breed that requires specific care for them to truly thrive. It is important to establish a routine for your dog, this will help you bond and promote a healthy lifestyle. Corgi’s come in two breeds- Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh. Although there are differences that distinguish the two, most of the care instructions will be the same for both.

Here are a few tips you should know as a proud owner of a Corgi pup:


Corgis are a very active breed. Because Corgis have such a short and stout stature it is imperative to establish an exercise routine because they are prone to becoming overweight. Whether you let them run around in your backyard or take them to the dog park, this breed requires daily exercise to maintain their active lifestyle.


As a puppy, your Corgi will require lots of proteins to help build healthy muscle. When selecting a dog food check the ingredients carefully to be sure that they align with your dog’s dietary needs. Some dog food brands contain artificial preservatives or meat fillers- it is best to avoid those brands as you want to feed your dog the best food possible. Corgis will need a food that is higher in protein and lower in fat. Ask your vet for recommendations on which brand do feed your new pup!

General Corgi Facts & Tips


Your puppy is a member of your family, so it is important that you introduce them to their new friends and family. Socialization will help your puppy get acclimated with encountering new people and will teach them how to behave in new environments. For a puppy, everything will be new, and some things may frighten them. It is important to expose your new puppy to new sounds, places, and people. A few things you can do to encourage your puppy’s socialization is taking them for a walk, introducing them to other dogs, and taking them to a friend’s house.


Just like any dog, Corgi’s need love and affection. By nature, Corgi’s are protective, loyal, and eager to please. If you are ready to add a Corgi to your family be sure to find a reputable breeder you can trust.

F&M Corgi’s is a licensed family-owned breeding company dedicated to breeding happy and healthy dogs. Our Corgi’s are cared for on our farm in southeast Kansas. Browse our website to see the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh puppies we have available.