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What to Buy Before Adopting A Corgi

cute welsh corgi puppies in wicker basket on beige background

If you are looking to add a furry addition to your family, there are many things you will have to do in preparation for their arrival. Just like preparing for a new baby, you will have to adjust your life and home to accommodate them. Here are a few items to have in preparation for… Read more »

General Corgi Facts & Tips

So, you’ve finally brought your new Corgi home, what’s next? A responsible pet owner will want to know everything they need to do to ensure that their dog lives a long happy and healthy life. Corgis are a unique breed that requires specific care for them to truly thrive. It is important to establish a… Read more »

Corgi Training Tips

Corgi Training Tips

Traditionally Corgis were known as herders and are highly trainable. With love, support, and consistent training tactics they will be a well-behaved puppy. Corgis are very a intelligent dog breed and are able to learn commands very quickly. If you are trying to train your corgi puppy, here are a few tips that will help:  … Read more »