Winterizing Your Corgi

As the holiday season approaches, the leaves will begin falling off the trees, the sun sets earlier, and the chill of winter will start to set in. While you prepare by packing away your lighter clothing and bringing out thicker coats and traction boots- don’t forget your furry pal!

The winter can have a significant impact on your corgi’s well-being, so it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and comfort throughout this season.

Here are a few tips for winterizing your corgi:

Jacket/Coat– While your corgi does have a fairly thick coat of hair, the chill of winter can still be quite uncomfortable for your puppy- especially for those living in colder climates. Equip your pup with an insulated jacket to help keep their body warm. Because corgis are a short and stocky breed be sure to check that the jacket you purchase will fit their specific body type.

welsh corgi dog wearing christmas costume hat in snowflakes

Paw Wax/ Booties– During winter, asphalt becomes much colder than the air temperature. Once the temperature drops, it is best to protect your puppy’s paws to keep them warm and healthy. Paw wax is great for active dogs that love to run around outside. It helps to moisturize your dog’s paws s they do not become dry or cracked. You may also want to purchase dog booties once it becomes colder. If you live in a snowy climate purchase boots with grips so your puppy does not slip on icy pavement.

Traveling– If you are heading out for vacation be sure to make the proper accommodations for your corgi. If they won’t be accompanying you, set them up with a pet boarding facility or trusted family member. If you will be bringing your pup along, be sure to alert your travel accommodations ahead of time. BringFido can help you find hotels, restaurants, and other locations that allow pets.

Be sure to follow these tips to have a safe and happy winter with your corgi this year!  Remember to check F&M Corgis blog for interesting facts and corgi care tips! F&M Corgis is a family-operated licensed corgi breeder in Mulberry, Kansas.  If you are looking to adopt a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi please visit our gallery to view our available puppies!