F&M’S Love Potion aka Lovey

Lovey is a beautiful Sable female. Lovey is a Storm and Cowgirl Daughter. Lovey is DM, VWD1, EIC Clear and Carrier for Fluffy Gene. Lovey is a sweet and beautiful dog.

LayLay AKA Lady

Lady is 1/2 Euro Import and Summer’s Daughter. Lady is DM, VWD1, EIC Clear. She is an excellent personality.

F&M Corgi’s Caliope

Caliope is a Tonka Daugher. She is a Ham just like her daddy. SHe has the rich Sable coloring that we love. Her pups are happy, healthy, and make great family pets. She is a Pretty Female Corgi all in one. She is DM, VWD1, & EIC Clear. Click on her name for more info.

F&M’S Look at Me, I Rock Don’t EYE (AKA Boo)

Boo’s is a happy girl, She is a Tonka Daughter out of my old roxie & Jax daughter. This girl is such a happy girl. She has that Corgi personality. Her babies make Excellent family and herding dogs. She is DM, VWD1, EIC Clear.


(DM, VWD1, EIC Clear) Merry is a Deacon and Cowgirl daughter