F&M Corgis Shipping

  • Professional couriers or personal delivery.
  • All dogs are prepared from birth for the journey.
  • SAME day air service throughout the continental United States.
  • Unbeatable prices.
  • Professional quality shipping crates and accessories provided.
  • All-inclusive: we will handle all paperwork, health inspections and legal requirements.

F&M Corgis is proud to offer both ground and air shipping services so you can get your puppy safely.

Transporting puppies over long distances like this is not an easy business, and it’s not a responsibility that we take lightly. All of our puppies are prepared to take the journey to their forever homes from the time of their birth – they are acclimatized to crates, handled constantly by different people and trained to be patient and trusting with the people looking after them. 

Preparation for Shipping

All puppies are acclimated to crates regardless of whether they are a local pickup or shipped. This ensures that they are safe and well-behaved through the whole process.

Shipping Options


As of May 2021, F&M Corgi will only fly puppies by American Airlines and Alaskan Airlines. They are the only current airlines that can meet our scheduling needs and our exacting demands.

All puppies are taken to the airports by us personally. On the plane they are placed in dedicated, climate controlled areas to keep them comfortable during the shipping process.

Air shipping is $450. This includes airfare for the puppy, puppy crate, certificates and personal delivery to the airport. Pick up for the puppy is the same day. We offer same day delivery through all 49 continental states!* 

We prefer using the following airports: Springfield-Branson National Airport, Kansas City International Airport and Tulsa International Airport.  

*We do not offer shipping to Hawaii at this time. Ambient temperature at both the origin and destination airports must be between 20°F and 85°F for air shipping to be undertaken.


Ground shipping is done by a professional provider. The price range for ground shipping is between $315-$700. You will receive your puppy within 2-3 days. Ground shippers will share images and updates on the way to ensure you always know how your puppy is doing during the process. 


If you pickup your new pup directly from us there will, of course, be no delivery charge. Additionally, should you wish to fly into Joplin airport to receive your puppy, we will meet you there without an additional charge. This is only applicable for this airport, free pickups are not offered anywhere else.