Pembroke Welsh Corgi Females

Photos and bios for all of the resident Pembroke Welsh corgi mommies.


Meet Roxie, she has a great personality. She has AKC CH Points, a show stopped Corgi. Roxie’s parents are Kikki and CH Storm. She is DM Carrier, VWD1 & EIC Clear. We are delighted to add her to our breeding program.


Meet Gypsy, She is a pretty Red and White Corgi. She is DM, VWD1, and EIC Clear. Gypsy is a Storm, Deacon, and Cheyenne Grand daughter. We are excited to add her to our breeding program.


Meet beautiful Macye, She is a beautiful Red Headed Tri. She is Glamour and Jax daughter. She is the last litter Jax had before we retired him. She is a happy, sweet girl. She is DM, VWD1, and EIC Clear.

F&M’S Get Your Sexy On AKA Shelia

Shelia is a pretty lady, she is out going, happy, sweet, and loving Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is Glamour and Deacon Daughter. She is DM, VWD1, EIC Clear, and Carrier of Fluffy gene.

Triple H Peaches

Wow wat a pretty lady. This Beautiful Black Headed Tri is such a sweet girl. She is DM, VWD1, EIC Clear, and Fluffy Carrier. I am so excited to see what her baby look like.

F&M’S Princess Fiona

Love, Love this girl! She is such a pretty Red & White Female. She is DM & VWD1 Clear, She is Carrier for EIC & Fluffy. Her picture says it all.

F&M’S Whistling Dixie

What a pretty girl. WOW…. Dixie is one of show females, She has 3 Majors and is almost finished. She is a Cowgirl and CH Sirma. She is DM, VWD1, and EIC Clear. She has the sweetest personality with those bright eyes. She is a Red and white, but has some Sable marking.

F&M’S Cotton Candy

Candy is such a pretty girl, beautiful conformation, and that Corgi personality. Candy is a Sassy daughter and a Champion Russian Import. She is DM, VWD1, and EIC Clear. Candy and Randy are siblings. Click on her name to see more pictures.


Wish is a Knop Ukraine Import and AKC CH Charlie Daughter. She is a RHT, DM, and EIC Clear, VWD1 Carrier.

F&M’S Love Potion aka Lovey

Lovey is a beautiful Sable female. Lovey is a Storm and Cowgirl Daughter. Lovey is DM, VWD1, EIC Clear and Carrier for Fluffy Gene. Lovey is a sweet and beautiful dog.