Fall Corgi Care Tips

Fall is here which means it is time to update your corgi’s daily regimen for the colder months ahead.

Be sure your corgi is safe this season by following these tips: 

Regular Grooming 

Your corgi should be groomed regularly to maintain their coat and overall health. It is best to establish a regular grooming routine with a professional.

Be sure to brush your corgi’s coat weekly to keep him or her clean and comfortable. Be sure to check their skin in between grooming for eczema, dry skin, or infections. 

Update Allergy / Flea & Tick Medication

If your puppy suffers from seasonal allergies, be sure to update their medication this autumn. Your vet may recommend Benadryl or another allergy medication or specific grooming tips that can help. 

Check Food & Water 

This may sound obvious, but it is key to make sure your corgi has fresh, clean food and water at all times. If you keep a water dish outside, be sure to check it regularly and change it whenever needed. For puppies, you may also want to consider slightly increasing the amount of food you feed them in the fall/winter to help him or her stay warm, which requires more energy. Be sure to consult your vet before changing your dog’s diet. 

Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke walking in autumn park


While you may want to lounge around more the house more than usual this season, it is extremely important that your corgi receives proper exercise. Because they are prone to becoming overweight it is easier for them to pack on a few pounds this season. Even if you have a short game of chase, or fetch around the house for 15 minutes this will help give them a chance to release some energy and burn some of those corgi calories! 

These tips will help you and your corgi have a safe and happy Autumn! Remember to check F&M Corgis blog for interesting facts and corgi care tips! If you are looking to adopt a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi please visit our gallery to view our available puppies! Then contact us when you are ready to add a fluffy addition to your home!