Daily Corgi Care Routine

Daily Corgi Care Routine

If you have been looking into getting a dog it is important to know what it takes to care for them daily. There is a lot of general information you need to know for taking care of a new puppy, but here is what a daily care schedule will consist of:

Morning Wake Up 8AM

Your dog will adjust to your sleep schedule, especially if they sleep in your bedroom.

Just like when you wake up, your puppy will need to relieve themselves and stretch. Take your puppy out for a quick walk. Morning walks are important to establishing a solid routine and is especially important for younger dogs. Bring a ball or small toy along on walks for a quick game of fetch.

Corgis are active breeds, but their body type is prone to obesity. It is important they get adequate daily exercise to reduce the risk of becoming overweight.

After a walk it is time for breakfast! Your dog’s typical meal will depend on their age and weight.

After eating your fog may need to go outside again. Check for bathroom signs like standing at the door, pacing, and whining.

Afternoon 12PM

After a second bathroom break, now is a good time for a nap/ down time. If you are going to work, be sure to leave water and food for them. Carefully measure the food to be sure you are putting out the right amount.

Corgis are very active and enjoy walks and other outdoor activities. If you are unable to walk your dog throughout the day consider using a walking service like, Rover. This service allows local dog walkers in your area to take your dog out while you are busy.

Evening 5PM

 Before winding down for bed, take your corgi out for one last walk and playtime. This allows them to relieve themselves before going to sleep for the night and helps tire them out before bed.

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