Corgi Grooming Tips

Corgi Grooming Tips

Cardigan & Pembroke Welsh Corgis are well- known for their extensive shedding.

Because corgis naturally have a double coat of fur, they tend to shed at a much higher rate than breeds that do not have a double coat.

A double coat is two separate layers of fur, with  a thicker shorter underlayer, and a longer top layer.

Corgis coats adapt to the change in seasons. During colder months around fall and winter their undercoat will grow thicker to help protect from the cold. Corgis shed this thicker hair during the spring.

Typically, Corgis shed year-round but most intensely during spring and autumn. Because both this it is best to regular schedule grooming appointments. If you own a corgi or a dog with a double coat, it is important to have a good grooming brush.

Use a metal comb with wide spaced teeth and start at the top of your dog’s hair. Be sur to brush the hair backwards in a downward motion so that all the loose hair will come out of your dog’s coat. While you are brushing their hair be sure to check your dog’s skin for any irritation, bald spots, or redness. This should be routine to check their coat to ensure your dog’s overall health.

If your dog is shedding a lot, a bath can help to expedite this process. Although corgis shed regularly, their shedding does intensity at they change of the seasons. When bathing your corgi be sure to use dog safe shampoo. You can use a softer brush to lather their coat and brush through their fur.

 If you are washing your pup in your sink or bathtub be sure to put a stopper in the drain to avoid clogging your pipes with dog fur!

We hope these tips will help you with regularly grooming your furry friend!

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